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Findlaters Classic Wings 1a.e.f. Small €8/Large €12

Crispy chicken wings coated in Original Buffalo hot & spicy or Louisiana BBQ                                         

Served with blue cheese dip & celery sticks                                                                                           

Findlaters Seafood Chowder 1a.4.5d. €8

A creamy seafood and vegetable broth with prawns, mussels, smoked and fresh fish                               

Served with Traditional cottage soda bread

Chicken Caesar Salad 1a. €11                                   

Breast of chicken, crispy bacon, baby gem, garlic & thyme croutons tossed in a Caesar dressing          

Chilled Tiger Prawn & Avocado Salad 5d.12.13 €13

Mixed leaf Salad, Red Onion, Semi Dried Tomato, Cucumber

Lemon & Herb Vinaigrette.                                                                                                                                    

Traditional Irish Fish and Chips 1a.4.8.13 €14.50

Battered Fresh Cod with tartar sauce & mint pea puree Served with home cut fries                                

8oz Chargrilled Beef Burger 1a. €14.50

Chargrilled beef patty, served on a toasted brioche bun with smoked streaky bacon,                             

Smoked cheese topped with Tomato Relish with home cut fries

Chicken Fillet Burger 1a. €14.50

Chargrilled Chicken breast served on a toasted brioche bun with Smoked cheese,                                 

Garlic mayo, Cajun slaw, tomato and baby gem lettuce served with home cut fries

Thai Yellow Prawn Curry 5d.10 €16.50

Tiger Prawns served in yellow Thai coconut curry with seasonal vegetables and Jasmine Rice           

Thai Yellow Vegan Curry 10 €14

Yellow Thai coconut curry with Butternut Squash, Bell peppers, Aubergine and Jasmine Rice          

Lamb Rogan Josh 4 €16

Lamb served in an aromatic tomato gravy with a curry base and white rice                                            

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry €15

Chicken curry with green beans & potatoes served with an aubergine moju                                          

& Aromatic yellow rice      



  1. Gluten. (A. wheat, B. spelt, C. Khorasan, D. Rye, E. Barley, F. Oats) 2. Peanuts. 3. Nuts (A. almonds, B. Hazelnuts, C. Walnuts, D. Chestnuts, E. Cashew, F. Pecan, G. brazil, H. pistachio, I. Macadamia) 4. Milk.  5. Crustaceans. (A. Crab, B. Lobster, C. Crayfish, D. Shrimp) 6.  Molluscs.  7.  Eggs. 8.  Fish.  9.  Celery.  10.  Soy.  11.  Sesame Seeds.  12.  Mustard.  13.  Sulphur Dioxides & Sulphites.  14.  Lupin